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Speaking from experience, it can take months or even years to dedicate the time and energy to create your wedding album. It took me almost two years to finally set aside the time, and at that point I was so "over it" I just stuck 5x7s in a generic Hobby Lobby album. I love that album. We pull it out every anniversary to reminisce, and I often pull it out just because. However, I do wish I spent the time to design an album that told our story in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, digital deteriorates over time, and that fact combined with not having the highest quality digitals to work with gives me limited options to go back and make it right. 

One thing I make sure of with my couples is that they don't have to set aside extra time and energy to have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind heirloom that they can show off to friends and family and later pass down to their children. Each wedding collection includes a gorgeous heirloom album so you can go from viewing your wedding photos like this...

to this...

two page spread of the wedding heirloom album showing three photos of a wedding day

So let's break down what exactly the Heirloom Wedding Album is

The Heirloom Album is completely customizable. It starts before your wedding at our pre-wedding coffee date. You'll see cover samples in person so you can choose the perfect album cover that speaks to you. You can opt for luxury velvet, classic linen, genuine leather, or even a photo cover with an acrylic finish. Stamped or debossed lettering can even be added! After the big day, you'll receive an online gallery with all of your wedding day photos. While viewing your gallery, you will choose up to 100 of your favorite images to be included in your Heirloom Wedding Album. You simply "heart" your favorites and they're added to a file that I work from to design your dream album. If you're having a difficult time narrowing them down, I'm just a phone call, text, or Facetime call away from helping you through the process.

heirloom wedding album sitting on wood coffee table. album cover is dark distressed leather
close up side angle view of the wedding heirloom album

Once you've chosen your favorites, I begin the work of creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind album that tells your story. I can even add text to the pages like your wedding vows, lyrics from the song of your first dance, or sentimental quotes or scripture. Your album should tell your story, and since I was there capturing the entire event, I'm able to recreate your day so that you can relive it for years to come. 

The thick, lay flat pages are printed using the highest quality printers and ink and boast a 100 year Archival Value. These albums are meant to be passed down to children and grandchildren, so that your legacy can live long after your happily ever after. 

close up view of showing the page thickness of the heirloom wedding album

Your album will be delivered in a secure, keepsake box that includes care instructions so that you can keep it safe when not displaying it in your home. 

heirloom album keepsake box in the color grey
close up of the heirloom wedding album keepsake box

so what are you waiting for?

I'd love to capture your perfect day and create your perfect wedding day album!

wedding album with layout of six wedding photos from the ceremony
wedding album two page spread with photos from the bride getting ready with bridesmaids & bridal portraits
wedding album page with portrait of bride and groom sitting on the back of a classic car on a dirt road
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