"moonshiningest" county in alabama

Shelby County was once known as the "moonshiningest" county in the state of Alabama. A hike up Mill Creek and into the woods will bring you to a dilapidated still that's long been neglected but very much a part of moonshining history. Canoeing along the creek, you can easily let your imagination run wild with the idea of bootleggers smuggling their products down the creek and into the public's hands.

Bootleg Lovers is a concept shoot based on the moonshining history of Shelby County, and Shrader's Boat Launch was the perfect backdrop. After all, it's only a short hike downstream from the hidden still in the woods. Cybill & Kit showed up ready for an adventure, and after reviewing the concept, we headed for the water. Cybill & Kit climbed into the johnboat while I grabbed the kayak. The wind was almost too much, but once we turned the first bend in the creek it calmed down. I love how the outfits, lighting, and story all came together in the end.

Do you have an idea for a concept shoot? I'd love to help bring your vision to life and create unique artwork that speaks to you!

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