I know. Summer just got here. The last thing you're thinking about is school, and with that senior portraits. But there are HUGE benefits to getting those senior portraits done during the summer months!!

Top 5 reasons to have your senior session done in the Summer:

1. Open schedules. Possibly the number one reason is that you're not juggling school, sports, friends, and college prep. You've got plenty of time on your hands- use it wisely!

Senior portrait alabama shelby county chelsea high school

2. The days are long. We're not constrained to the hours between 9 and 4. We can shoot well into 7PM and as early as 6:30AM! Even if you have a summer job, meeting outside your hours is totally doable.

high school senior portrait christian school alabama mount laurel chelsea

3. Yearbook photo deadlines. If you're school allows outside photos in the yearbook, this is a massive plus to having summer pictures done. Deadlines sneak up on you, and if you want to use a personalized photo that shows off who you are, you need to have it ready to go come fall!

senior portrait volleyball shelby county alabama urban unique

4. Summer colors make for beautiful backdrops. Whether it's a simple grassy field, colorful garden or even the glowing summer sunset against an urban sprawl, summer colors shine in photos. Not to mention you won't risk freezing your butt off like you might in January.

senior portrait shelby county alabama chelsea high school graduate nature unique

5. Wiggle room!! This is huge. Photographer's schedules book up. You get sick. Weather doesn't cooperate. Scheduling your session early in the year allows for these things to happen and be handled with minimal stress.

senior portrait shelby county alabama shoes extra curriculars

Shoot me a message or give me a call to book your session! This is one thing on your senior checklist that can be taken care of before the senior school year even starts!